WordPress Support & Maintenance

Web2Web is here to support your WordPress website.

Work on your WordPress website doesn’t stop after it goes online, which is why our work doesn’t stop at design and development. We make sure your website stays running as smooth as possible and that it improves as new technology gets developed. With Web2Web, you can get live WordPress website support & maintenance that offers:

  • Friendly and Responsive Service.
  • Edits to Your Website When You Need Them.
  • Transparent Reports on Your Websites Performance.
  • Updates and Security Checks That Follow Best Practices.
  • White-labelled Service for agencies outsourcing to Web2Web.

Websites that don’t get maintenance can be a problem for your brand.

When a WordPress website does not get the support & maintenance that it needs, it can become a big security problem to you and your clients. Updates can clash with plugins and security holes can open doors to hackers.

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Don’t wait for your website to break, be proactive with a team that makes your website their number one priority so you can focus on the things that matter the most.

WordPress update management

As a WordPress website owner, your website could receive around 2 updates every month. These updates can improve security and functionality, but they can also clash with the features your clients love about your website. Our skilled team of WordPress professionals manage updates for themes, plugins and the core software to ensure that no update will break your website.

Improved website’s security

Be doing regular scans for potential security threats that your website may have, we can detect and fix security holes before they become a problem. This includes anti-spam protection, brute force protection, firewalls and installation of SSL Certificates.

You won’t be left in the dark. When our team finds any security issues, you will be the first to know. With Web2Web, you will also get professional advice on the situation as well as the implementation of the security fix.

Regular website backups

Making regular backups of your business website is essential to keep your online services running for your clients. Your web hosting provider may offer a backup service too, but don’t just rely on them. When it comes to an emergency, you need to have access to a backup and fast. We take make daily backups of your website and store them in a reliable way so that you won’t lose anything from your website.

Optimization of WordPress performance

When it comes to business online, search engine optimization (SEO) is key. With our services, your websites will be tuned for peak performance and have faster loads times. By optimizing your themes, plugins, images and ads, search engines like Google will love how fast and smooth your website is.

Emergency website support

It doesn’t matter how well you prepare; new problems can always arise. From site hacks to broken web pages, Web2Web has your back. So, do the right thing for your WordPress website and get the speedy support & maintenance it needs.