Social Media Marketing and Management

At Web2Web we take the pain out of social media marketing by offering the following 5 key services:

  • Custom Marketing Plans Tailored To Meet Your Business Needs
  • Custom Design of Your Social Media Headers and Posts
  • Daily Posting Across Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Comment and Complaint Management
  • Targeted Ad Campaigns with Reporting

Your competitors are already reaping the following
3 social media marketing benefits:

Increased Traffic To Their Websites
Well-placed calls to action in your social media campaigns will mean more traffic to your sales pages.

Increased Sales
Ensuring a clear synergy between your social content and your sales pages means an exponentially higher chance of converting eyeballs to sales.

Lower Costs Per Sale
Well-placed calls to action in your social media campaigns will mean more traffic to your sales pages.

WordPress Plugin Development and Management

107% lift in sales!
The Nielsen sales data – money in the cash register – proved a staggering 107% increase in sales of Old Spice products, in only 30 days!

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Whether we are speaking to a freelance designer or the Head of Marketing for a multinational corporation, the conversation invariably swings back to the topic of social media marketing.

The majority of our clients all feel they should be doing it as they see success stories all over the internet and yet there is an underlying feeling of being out of the loop, of not being sure if social media is “for my product” and most importantly “how do I ensure a positive ROI?”.

Don’t let your competitors have their cake and eat it!

The reality is that there are businesses in your niche which have taken hold of the cost-effective opportunities offered by social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and are using them to drive increased brand recognition, instant customer interactions and new product launches – best of all, they do this while creating, not sacrificing, sales!

A fantastic example of this is the Old Spice brand, if ever there was a brand where the “does this fit my demographic” question was a suitable one, Old Spice was it. This 75-year-old deodorant company had been relegated to being a dad or even granddad product long before they launched a tongue-in-cheek series of adverts across social media – today their YouTube account alone boasts over 3 billion total views! Not a bad result for a low-tech, grudge purchase, product who only posted their first video in 2010!

You need social media, the only question is how will you do it?

Looking at the survey results of several reputable companies, including Price Waterhouse Cooper, 45%-55% of shoppers will read your review of your product, and then read Google reviews and ratings, comments on your social media accounts and check in the groups they frequent on Facebook for real-life user feedback before deciding where to open their wallets.

People Buy People, Not Products! The old sales adage of “people buy people” has never been more true, and more widely practiced than today, thanks to social media! Up to 55% of sales are decided by social proof.

To ensure you’re reaching your potential customers where they are, while also ensuring you keep your hand on your brand identity and reputation, you can take the time to become a social media guru and manage this process personally, or hire a new team member and train them up to understand the nuances of each social platform in-house.

There is however a third, more appealing option, let the team at Web2Web focus our social media marketing, design and technical expertise to your benefit!

We promise and deliver consistent and reliable excellence! 

As you can see, at Web2Web our social media service offering takes the stress of having to learn about and stay on top of the ins-and-outs of this ever-evolving landscape – rather you get to focus on a set of measurable outputs and deliverables so you are always 100% on top of your brand and its interactions with your online audience.

Our commitment is to offering every client a solution that meets their needs, we do not believe in cookie-cutter marketing plans. We love nothing more than to develop the perfect strategy and approach that meets the needs of each brand, product and business owner we partner with.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can work with you to tell your brand story, gain significant traction in your targeted market and let you focus on the business of growing your business, while we take care of the social media side of things for you.

What Web2Web brings to the social media marketing conversation?

With over 9 years in the online marketing industry, we have a talented team of online experts whose skills have been tested in the way that matters most – by doing the job, and doing it well! Our return clients range from home-based bloggers to such behemoths as Barloworld and Audi South Africa.