Website Page Speed Optimisation
in South Africa

Get better SEO rankings and more traffic on your website.

Almost half of all website searcher will leave a website that takes more than three seconds for a page to load. As a result, if you don’t ensure your website’s page load speed, you could be losing half of your conversions.

If your website’s speed is slowing your business down, Web2Web can fix that. Our site speed optimisation service provides long term benefits that can get the conversions lost from slow page load speed back.

Stay ahead of the competition with page speed optimisation.

It’s not just organic traffic that is affected. All of your marketing efforts lead to your website get tied down by a bad user experience caused by slow page speeds.

Our website speed testing and optimisation considers every factor to get your website to perform its best. With Web2Web, you can expect your website to benefit from:

  • Improved SEO rankings.
  • Increased organic traffic.
  • Reduced bounce rate.
  • Higher conversion quota.

Stop your website from hurting your business with Web2Web.

Your website is our top priority which is why we look at and optimise every aspect of your website for peak page speed. Don’t let potential sales slip away from you any longer, get in touch with Web2Web today.

Stay ahead of the competition on the search engine results page and improve your company’s performance and website’s conversions with Web2Web.

Website Page Speed Optimisation

Improve SEO rankings and increase your organic traffic.

Search engines rank fast loading websites higher than those that don’t. It has become even more important on Google which has made website speed a very high-ranking factor and will continue to do so going forward.

This has made your page speed even more vital than ever. Don’t let your competitors take away your position on the search engine results page (SERP) and gain all the organic clientele.

Instead, use our page speed optimisation to get ahead of the competition and outrank them on the SERP.

Reduce your bounce rate and get more conversions.

Your website can’t take longer than three seconds to load if you want to keep your paid and organic traffic.

Your potential clients are more likely to leave your website if it doesn’t load fast enough. Every time this happens, we call it a bounce. The more bounces happen, the higher your bounce rate. Even loyal customers might bounce away from a slow loading website.

With page speed optimisation from Web2Web, your bounce rate will go down and boost your conversions by keeping your clients engaged.

Reduce website hosting costs.

When your website is speed test optimised with Web2Web, we reduce the size of the website. Depending on what website hosting solution you use, this can reduce your website hosting costs.

How do we do this?
By using website optimisation best practises, we compress files, minimize code and streamline the website caching setup.

Does your website run on WordPress?

Our website page speed optimisation services apply to all websites, including those made on WordPress.

Our team of expert WordPress developers in Cape Town can speed up any WordPress website. We suggest and even custom develop the best of WordPress themes and performance optimising plugins.

Is your website fast enough to keep up with your clients?

If your website is letting your business down, then get in touch with Web2Web today for a site speed audit.

We can find what’s letting your website down and speed up every page with our fast website page optimisation service.

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