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5 UX strategies for successful email conversions

The first 50 milliseconds of the user’s attention is all that is needed for successful email conversion. But with hundreds of emails flooding users’ inboxes every day, grabbing user attention is challenging. Effective UX strategies can help to make the emails stand out from the crowd. Implementing the best UX strategies not only prompts the users to open the email but also makes them perform desirable actions including clicking on a call-to-action button.

A well-designed email has the potential to enhance conversions, ROI, and brand trust. Read further to nail email marketing by using these 5 UX strategies

What is Email UX?

Email User Experience (UX) deals with the design and functionality of an email which makes it easier for the users to read and interact. UI/UX design process helps to achieve this with carefully curated and time-tested strategies. It includes the layout and design of the email interface, the usability features, and the effectiveness of email programming in helping the users achieve their goals.

The key elements of email UX are:

  • A clear and concise subject line
  • Visually appealing layout
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Easy to scan
  • A clear call to action
  • Accessibility

Why does UX matter in Email marketing?

Every marketing strategy has a desired goal to achieve. Email marketing tries to reach out to the target audience by building personalized customer relationships. If the emails have poor UX, it would be difficult to read and navigate. This can lead to a higher bounce rate or unsubscriptions. On the other hand, if the email has good UX, it will be read and acted on by the user, thereby increasing engagement and conversions.

Benefits of a good Email UX

  • Delivers a clear brand message
  • A good email UX loads faster
  • Builds a personalized connection with the customers
  • Ensures consistency in branding
  • Increases conversion
  • Increases brand credibility

5 UX strategies to create a winning Email

If a business wants to reach out to its customers and prospects, the best way is through email. Email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective way to build relationships, drive business and increase sales. Importantly, following the UX design strategies to design email is the best practice. So a winning email helps to:

  • Reach a larger audience
  • Target the audience in a personalized way
  • Track the success of the marketing campaign

Here are five UX strategies to create a successful email.

1. Write a relevant and catchy subject line

If the subject line of the email can solve the most common problem of the users, they are likely to open the mail spontaneously. For example, if the subject line is “Top SEO hacks to drive more traffic to your website”, there are high chances users notice it because they get an idea of the email’s content and how it will solve their pain points. Low traffic to the website is highlighted in this subject line, so the email’s objective is clear. Instead, if the subject line of the email is,” SEO hacks for websites”, it may not capture the user’s attention. Chances are high that this email will get ignored.

Overall, a meaningful headline empathizes with the user and tries to solve the user’s pain points.

2. Make the content visually appealing

The attention of the users gravitates more toward visual content than plain text. So it is essential that along with a catchy subject line, frame the content with unique images that grips their attention. For instance, use images that engage and communicate with the users. It can be

photographs of real people using the brand’s product with a short description of the value it has brought to the customer.

These days email marketers use gifs and emojis to speak with users. This strategy is also fruitful. However, ensure that the images or any visual element that is added give value to the user. So the solution is to follow UX design principles to give prime focus to the users.

3. Ensure the content is simple but great

In most cases, it is likely that the users scan the email copy within 11 seconds. This timeframe is very crucial for an email marketer as the content has to clearly and directly convey the message to the user. Make sure that the content is as simple as possible. Avoid using complicated words and lengthy sentences. Also, the content should reflect the specific goal for which the email was sent. Keep in mind that sloppy or irrelevant emails can even lead to unsubscribing.

4. Create responsive designs

Today, most users check their emails on smartphones. So it is crucial to make the Email UX mobile-friendly. It should look good on smartphones as well as deliver better performance too. Keep the width of the email between 550 to 600 pixels to avoid email loading issues. Because emails larger than 102Kb will be clipped by Gmail. Overall, ensure that the emails are accessible through mobile phones and also the design conveys a brand message to the users.

5. Build a visual hierarchy

Email marketing aims to convert and visual hierarchy has a fair share in converting a website visitor into a customer. Visual hierarchy can be created by using bigger font sizes for headings with smaller subheadings and body texts. Users are likely to skim through the email content. So make the emails scannable and coherent with the colour selection and proper alignment of the design elements.

Next important thing is to add the information in the order of relevance with suitable images and captions. So with a visual hierarchy, users can be directed to reach the bottom of the email and land on the CTA button.


Email marketing is an important digital marketing tool to boost customer acquisition and sales. With good Email UX, the conversion rate can be enhanced. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a transactional update, a promotional email, or a newsletter, a good UX email design can capture user attention.

Emails are a medium to interact with customers directly. Businesses need to segment their audience and engage with them with customized emails. Think that every email is an opportunity to build a personalized long-term relationship with the consumer. Then consistently apply basic principles of simplicity, clarity, and relevance throughout the UX design of the email. This will make the brand voice louder, clear, and more persuasive and brings more credibility to the brand.

Author Bio

Aparna is a content writer at Aufait UX, a design agency in India. She is fascinated by the user-centric approach to digital product design. In addition to her passion for UI UX, she leverages her writing expertise to highlight design-related topics.