Make your content noticeable

Create website content that will get noticed

Creating content is one of the most important parts of any website. Whether it be the end goal of your client’s journey or what leads to a sale, you need content that will grab attention. This will keep your potential client on your page longer and guide them to where you want them to be. 

To start, you need a platform to share on. It can be your website, blog, YouTube channel or social media page. Once you have a platform and ways for your clients to get to access it, you need to have high-quality content for them. If you don’t, you will lose your clients viewership and in turn, see an increase in bounce rate. Don’t just settle for mediocre content either, while it may not do harm it won’t be doing you any good either, and that is a waste of your time and money. 

Know who your clients are. 

If anyone knows who is going to read your company’s content, it’s you. You have worked hard to get your business where it is today and build that client base. Before we start creating website content, we want to outline who they are. Learn what kinds of problems they have, study what they want to achieve and what do they like to do? By knowing these things, we will be able to create content that is useful to them. 

Be relevant and easy to read. 

Content creation’s goal is to take a complicated concept and turn it into something your client can easily understand. Your clients are very likely to just scan over your website pages for what is most interesting to them. This means we do not want to overwrite. You need to play a tricky game of putting all the important information into a space that is quick to consume. 

To make this easier we need to start off by finding a goal of the page. Do you want to entertain or make a sale? When you have a goal, you can make the content lead to it in the simplest way, keeping the websites page relevant and easy to read. 

Use your brand’s voice. 

It can take a while to develop a voice for your brand, it may even change over time. Clients don’t like high corporate unemotional talk when they want to buy into what your website has to offer. It takes time to develop a voice or a skilled writer to embody that voice quickly.  

Create attractive headings. 

The heading is the first thing your client will see. A good first heading impacts a reader to do something like clicking it so they can find out more. This heading is also what needs to compete with the whole web of content that is also available out there. It needs to sell the idea to your potential clients that your content is more relevant than anybody else’s. This will also greatly impact your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. 

Don’t just stop at the very first heading. If you look at this blog, you can get a summary of everything we are learning here just by reading the subheadings. If your clients only want one piece of information from your website, those subheadings will make navigation easier. In turn, it will reduce bounce rate and increase engagement. 

Proofread and edit multiple times. 

Nobody writes perfectly the first time around. When a mistake slips by, your clients are going to notice it and it will reduce your authority in the field. Take advantage of tools and ask other people to proofread for you and edit your work multiple times. 

Analyze your results. 

The last step to creating website content for your business is to analyze what you have done and use that data moving forward. The more content you make and change, the more you can improve and optimize. This step takes the longest to do but it is vital for your business website’s growth. 

When we stop learning, our content gets stagnant.

Stuart Smith, copywriter at Web2Web

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Creating website content takes a long time to perfect and there are no shortcuts. To improve, you need to consistently write content for your website and experiment with what works and doesn’t work. For a business website, it’s important to get it right and save time. That is why our professional team at Web2Web has already put in the time and gained the experience to know what will work for your brand. If you want to start making your website content work for you, contact us