Choosing The right Social Media for your business in 2020

Choosing the right Social Media for your business in 2020

Finding the right social media for your business is very important. Clients expect local and international businesses on social media to be the norm. So, they will expect to be able to find your business on these platforms and engage with you through them.

This can become an incredibly useful tool to grow your brand, but your clients will get used to direct and fast responses. So, with every social platform you add, the more responsibility you take on. That is why using the right social media platform is important.

Some basics for social media

Before we get started in each platform, there are some tools and skills we can get that are useful in every platform.

The first thing to remember is the 2 R’s, Relevant and Regular. Your content must be related to your brand and must feature on your client’s feeds often to keep you on the top of their mind.

Finding your brand’s voice is another step. Think about what your attitude is and who your clients are. Then speak to your clients as though your brand has a personality of its own.

Set up your social preview. All it takes is a few lines of code and then whenever you or someone else uses your link, the social platform will use the picture and text that you assigned.

Hashtags draw in more reach and engagements. Using the correct one for each post is important. You can’t just use every hashtag on the web either, posts with fewer and targeted hashtags gain way more views.

Now that we have the basics covered, let’s discuss what the right social media platforms for your business could be.


Facebook allows you to connect directly with your audience through messages, posts and comments. With over 2 billion users worldwide and over 16 million users in South Africa, this platform has become a must and Facebook knows that. That is why they have made many features and tools to make businesses thrive.

One drawback is that you are one of many businesses on the platform and that isn’t including influencers and my best friend’s new dog. You need to stand out.

This means you need to learn how to use the features that Facebook offers as well as keep your content fresh. It takes time but when used correctly, it will mean your success on Facebook.


Twitter specialises in short-form content. It used to have a character limit of 140 that has now doubled to 280. Even though longer text is allowed, shorter content still thrives. We can just be a little bit more creative with it.

There are over 7 million South Africans on Twitter. To reach them, you must create Tweets that are new, amusing and encourage comments and Retweets. Much like Facebook, you will have a big crowd to compete with too.

Monitoring when people mention you in Tweets, Retweeting relevant posts and commenting with your clients is needed to build a great and loyal following.


With most social media, your posts are competing with cat videos, influencers and families. On LinkedIn, people are there for business. This social platform offers your company to create connections and build networks with over 30 million companies.

You can use this platform to establish your brand as a leader in its field. Having a constant flow of great posts that show what you are about and who your company is will grab the attention of users. This content will draw job applications from likeminded people too.

When you have established yourself on LinkedIn, connecting and sharing solutions you can provide become easier. It’s called social marketing and it’s proven to be more effective than any hard sale.


It’s one of the best ways to share photos online and remembering that is important. The pictures you share need to be attractive and creative. This lends itself much easier for companies that sell products, giving your company aspace to show what it offers.

It doesn’t stop at products. If it’s a service you offer, then show that too. Consider it a way to show your clients why your service is the best. Creativity is rewarded here and showing a service in an attractive way is very creative.

To keep your company relevant to the more than 3 million South Africans, you will need regular uploads and to utilize stories whenever you can. The goal is to share the face of your company and say why it is the perfect solution.


Over 1 billion people watch YouTube every day. It competes with television and streaming services with almost 5 billion videos watched every day. This can be a great place to share content not only to a new audience but to share with your other social media.

Video content is easy to digest and can quickly share what your business offers. What’s more, is video allows you to do it in a very entertaining way that can draw a lot of attention. YouTube videos are also easily shareable to other social media and will play there without the viewer having to load a new website.

Once your YouTube is going and you are posting regular content, you will need to make sure it keeps up to the influencers and funny animals as well as react to the comments you get on your videos.

Maintaining your Social Media

If you have picked the right social media, but haven’t set up an account for your business yet, there is no better time like the present and it’s guaranteed to increase your sales.

This is why we at Web2Web offer social media services that can get results. Our experience in social media means less learning and better results that will boost your company to the next level.