Why you must maintain a WordPress website

Importance of Maintaining a WordPress Website

WordPress goes through about 2 updates every month and it’s important to maintain your site for each one. Bringing new features and functionality, they help websites perform better. Website management requires constant upkeep and ignoring these updates can have negative effects on your website and in turn, your business. 

In the current digital age, clients are more likely to browse your website before visiting your store or making an online purchase. That is why it’s important to have a good first impression, our website is our online face after all. Let’s get on to discussing the ways that we maintain that face. 


A website that has not been updated is open to many security threats. When any aspect of your website is out of date, hacking and transaction vulnerabilities can be a real concern. Don’t allow yourself to feel comfortable because your business is small, it is often exactly those websites that hackers want to infiltrate. 


Plugins are independent features on your website, so they are not made by WordPress. While they add a lot of utility and function, they need updating too. An outdated plugin can clash with WordPress, causing your business’ website to not function properly. 

Off-site backups 

You have worked hard on your business and your website shows that off. The last thing you want is that hard work to disappear. If you do not have backups when your website goes down, your business’ and client’ s important information can change or disappear. It is important that you backup regularly so that you don’t lose everything when things go wrong. 

Cleaning for Speed 

As you use and change features and plugins on your website, you can build up litter. Spam comments also build up litter on your website and if not maintained, your website could become a trash bin. This litter slows down your website making it frustrating to navigate and will turn people away. Make sure your website is clean and presentable by getting rid of unused features and old drafts that have never seen the light of day. 

If it sounds like WordPress, other content management systems (CSM) and custom build websites are technical to maintain, then you are correct. That is why we can do that for you, so you don’t have to worry if a rogue plugin is chasing away your clients. 

Get in touch with us and we can start making your website safer and easier to use.