AI can improve your business website

How AI can improve your business website in 2020

Artificial intelligence, AI) was once fiction but now a reality and it can be used to improve your business website and we are going to talk about how. There’s a large chance that you are already using AI right now without even knowing it. Search engines use AI to improve your search results and other sites you visit may have used it to improve user experience (UX). 

So, what is AI exactly? 

To put it simply, AI is any program, machine or software that can learn, reason and perform a task. These tasks are what you would normally need a human to perform and it does them in real-time. Think of Siri or Alexa, they can recognize your voice and find answers to your questions. It doesn’t stop there. AI is constantly learning from its experiences and can adjust itself and its results based on what it learned making it an incredibly useful automotive tool. 

Wcan use AI to improve your business website. 

AI can be used to enhance your business website’s UX, create better results from searches and manage your inventory and data accurately. Surprisingly, AI gives your clients a more human experience from your brand’s website. It does this by adding more engaging and responsive elements that learn from your clients’ likes and dislikes to offer them a more personalized experience. Let’s learn how we can use that. 


Nothing shows off AI more than when it talks to you. Very good chatbots use advanced natural language processing (NLP) systems which combined with its knowledge of your website and past interactions with your clients, will develop its own knowledge base. They can assist with questions about your company and direct clients to the page they are looking for. When faced with a question it cannot answer it can also direct your client to a contact page so they can get in touch with you directly. This makes AI one of the best-automated alternatives to live chat. 

Improved searches. 

The majority of potential clients are likely to look online for how your business can solve their problems. This is where search engines like Google come it, however, it does not stop at just Googles AI. We can use this type of AI in business websites too. Imagine asking your brand’s website for a product? 

On our phones, tablets and computers, we engage with AI like Siri or Alexa to solve our problems too and our answers need to be optimized for them as well. Searches are becoming more conversational with the younger audience and it grows just as fast as AI technology does. For a website to scale into the new way of searching for results it needs to be optimized in a more conversational way. 

Customize your website’s pages. 

As we have discussed before, AI can learn from your clients and how they interact with your brand’s website. It can do this for everyone, learning shopping preferences and common problems. With that information, it can show a much more personalized page for your client by offering ads and deals they are more likely to benefit from and information they are more interested in learning. This AI can improve your business website by making it more engaging than ever before. 

If you have ever used Google Ads, then you have likely used this type of AI without even realizing it. 

A more in-depth analysis. 

It would be very useful if everything the AI has learned about your clients could be viewed by you. Oh wait, it can. You likely already have a way to view how many people have viewed your company’s website and compare that number to how many people bought a product. That data is managed by AI and you can get more out of it. The more you want to learn, the more complicated the setup is, but when it’s set up, you can decrease the bounce rate and increase sales. 

Get the most out of your website with Web2Web. 

With the ever-growing technology, keeping up with AI and what it can offer requires constant learning and practice. By using our years of experience in website design and development, our team at Web2Web can move your company’s website to the next level.  

We optimize our work to scale with technology and our understanding of analytics can boost your business decisions into the future. Contact us today if you want to move your business forward with its website.