Why you should keep your Brand Identity consistent social

Why you should keep your Brand Identity consistent

Brand identity and the way you keep it consistent is important for your business strategies to be successful. When your company’s clients are repeatedly exposed to the same core message and visuals, it strengthens your brand and makes more loyal clients.

Today, one of the first business to client interactions is online with your website or your social media, so you must make sure that those platforms are all consistent too. 

What is your brand identity and why should you keep it consistent? 

Brand identity is the practice of presenting your brand in a similar way. You do this by keeping your logo, core message, colours and images consistent to your clients. When they view your website or read your social media posts with consistent brand identity, these elements become part of your client’s memory.  

Using your brand identity makes it more memorable and recognizable by your clients across all your marketing channels and touchpoints. It also removes any confusion your clients may have. When they land on your website that has a consistent brand identity, they will remember exactly why they came to you. This makes the user journey smoother. 

The benefits of having brand identity. 

The number one benefit this practice will give to your website and social media is brand recognition and the creation of loyal customers. When the same message and recognizable visuals are repeated, you create a strong connection between the two. This is something clients can learn and remember, ultimately allowing them to get to know your brand.  

With recognition comes trust. With trust, comes loyalty. 

By having a strong brand identity, you create a way to stand out from your competition. In a competitive market, many products and services offer similar solutions to clients. Brand identity is what sets you offer apart from the crowd. Emotions can also be built as an attachment to this identity. If a client has a great experience after landing on your website, they will carry that experience over to your other touchpoints.

Done right and a simple logo can evoke good emotions. Think about how your favourite restaurant might make you feel hungry. 

Keep your brand identity consistent. 

To build a brand identity that can reap the benefits we have just discussed can take time. The most important part is to stay consistent, even after the identity becomes recognizable. It can even start to feel boring using the same look and feel repeatedly, but instead of changing everything, use the same identity in more ways.  

To make sure you and your team stay on the same page and maintain consistency, you can make a brand style guide that everyone can follow. 

Making a Brand Style Guide: 

This guide defines your brand elements and the rules that everyone will follow when updating your website, creating a social media post or any other kind of marketing. This will keep the brand identity consistent.  

We start with your brand’s mission and core message. Then we show the colour palette including the hexadecimal code for each colour. Next, the fonts your brand uses and how each one is used. Following the font is the brand voice and guidelines for the copy. This will include examples for the tone and message you want to be repeated in your identity. Lastly is the imagery and how it is used. This will combine all the previous references and show how things should be displayed along with images and patterns that you want to be part of your brand’s identity. 

When it comes to rebranding. 

Be cautious and thoughtful about how you rebrand. Making a new look and feel can be very exciting but always consider the impact on your branding consistency. The last thing you want is for a client to land on your website and think they are in the wrong place. Brands evolve slowly because they always maintain some of the core elements of the previous identity.  

So, when it comes to rebranding, study what the most important features to your brand are and keep them the same way or change them in a subtle way so they are still recognizable. 

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