write a headline that converts

5 steps to write a headline that converts

When you know how to write a great headline, the number of views your content will receive will noticeably increase. It doesn’t matter if that content has never been done before and would change the reader’s life. A headline is what will make it successful.

Fortunately, creating a headline that catches the attention of readers is not out of your reach and there are many things that you can do to make them better. In this blog, we are going to discuss five tips that you can apply to your headlines to make them better.

Step 1: Write a headline that is informative.

If not credible, your content will get ignored. A very strong headline might grab the attention of a reader, but keeping them there is really what you want. This won’t happen if your headline does not match the content.

Write headlines that let the readers know what they will gain from your content. Readers are also more likely to positively engage with articles that answer their queries. This, again, will not happen if they were expecting something your article did not supply.

Step 2: Use numbers and data.

Numbers are a surprisingly effective way to make your headline more attractive to readers. In fact, headlines with numbers can generate more than 60% more engagements than ones that don’t. If your content has a list or a guide, use them as the number in the headline.

Here’s a quiz for you: Which headline that uses numbers gains more attention online?
(Hint: We used similar working on this blog’s headline)

  • 5 ways to get fit.
  • 5 steps to get fit.

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Step 3: Use keywords that get attention.

To get organic traffic from search engines, you will need to target certain keywords in your content. Keywords are the terms people type into Google to find answers online. To get the keywords you want, you are going to need to do keyword research.

We have a whole article about how you can get started on keyword research:
How to do keyword research for your website.

Using keyword research will strengthen your online presence and draw in organic traffic. Once you have your keywords, you can start incorporating the, into your headlines as well.

Step 4: Write a headline in the active voice.

The active voice is more engaging and easier to understand to your readers. The goal of a headline it to be attention-grabbing and the passive voice just doesn’t cut it in comparison.

For a quick guide on how to do this, in the active voice, the subject performs the action. In the passive voice, the subject is acted upon. For a more in-depth guide, Grammarly has an amazing article called Active vs. Passive Voice.

Step 5: Create curiosity.

As people, we naturally desire the answers to questions and as content providers, we supply answers to questions. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with other things that are competing for attention, so your headline has to convince the reader that you are more worthy of that attention.

Provide just enough detail in your headline to attract your audience. Your headline should tease the information that the content provides without quite answering it. Your content will take care of the rest.

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It’s not just enough to do keyword research and write any type of headline to get success. Writing headlines takes practice and following these steps to get better. There is even more headline writing tips that we will talk about in the future.

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