3 reasons why you want a dedicated landing page

3 reasons why you want a dedicated landing page

Getting people to your website is half the battle, now you need them to convert. That is where a dedicated landing page might help and boost your conversions significantly.

A well-designed and built home page can introduce your brand to new clients incredibly well, showing off everything your company can do for them. This is great but it allows for a lot of distraction and navigation when what you want is for them to convert. A dedicated landing page has the sole purpose of creating an interface that is directly focused on your goals and getting those conversions.

Together we are going to go over three reasons why you want your website development team to build custom landing pages for your website. But first, let’s go over exactly what a landing page is.

What you need to know about your next landing page.

Landing pages have a specialized approach to their purpose on your website. They prioritize a single goal and drive progress towards it. Their single purpose removes the chance for clients to get distracted or lost and allows them to see one goal.

They do this by removing links, navigation controls and all other distractions that your main website may have. Let’s learn more about why you want one on your website.

1. Visitors will take the specific actions you want.

The purpose of a landing page is endless but it is important for a landing page to be dedicated to just one. Landing pages will provide visitors with the exact steps in an easy-to-understand way to complete that goal making conversions quick and easy to happen. This is why good landing pages are accompanied by a great call to action (CTA).

There are very effective and flexible tools that you can use for any of your goals and they even make measuring those goals easy too. Setting up trackers becomes very easy to set up when there is only one conversion going on.

2. Dedicated UX.

Since a dedicated landing page is designed with a conversion goal in mind, you can make it even better with dedicated user experience (UX).

Your company might have multiple or a broad target audience, but when it comes to a landing page, you can design the UX to target the exact target audience that wants to convert here. You can even use the visitor’s familiarity with the website that redirected them to your website. This not only makes the process a smooth one for the visitor to take, but it also makes them much more comfortable with completing the conversion process.

3. Improve your customer experience.

Trust is everything when it comes to conversions. When it comes to your marketing efforts, many people are going to visit your website for the first time on a landing page. A professional and streamlined experience can improve the visitors’ opinion of your brand and will then be more likely to convert.

To further improve the experience, provide a concise confirmation message when they complete the conversion. This can eliminate confusion and multiple submissions from your clients.

Make your landing page count with Web2Web.

Dedicated landing pages need to be professional and designed in a way that meets your goals precisely. This is why when it comes to the design and development of your next landing page, you should speak with Web2Web.

With a highly-skilled team, that covers every aspect from the acquisition of viewers to the conversions that turn them into clients, your landing page will be set up for success. If you want to increase conversions on your website, contact Web2Web.