5 landing page tips that convert

Your marketing efforts are only as strong as your landing page, so it comes as no surprise when tips for making them successful are so valuable. In this article, we are going to discuss five tips that you can use right now to make a landing page that converts.

You have put a lot of effort into the marketing that has gotten people onto your website, but where do you go from there? A landing page is crucial for online marketing success. to give you more information about them, here is an excerpt from our article ‘Make a more successful landing page‘. We recommend that you give that one a read too.

A landing page is the web page a user goes to during a marketing campaign… Landing pages keep the user’s attention and increase conversions way better than a home page can. This is because they are centred around one call to action (CTA). It removes unnecessary distractions for your goal. With other links and information out of the way, you can reinforce your message which can increase your conversions.

5 landing page tips that convert.

So now that we are all caught up on landing pages, let’s dive right into our five tips that you can use to get more conversions. These are:

  • Neat and clean UI.
  • Avoid scrolling.
  • Pick engaging visuals.
  • Use minimum text.
  • A/B test the design.

Tip 1 – Neat and clean UI.

You want the path to conversion to be very clear to the people who land on your website. Keeping things simple improves clarity and makes it much easier for a visitor to take in the value of your product or service.

You can achieve this by keeping lots of white space, structuring the copy in an easy to read way and minimizing the amount of input a visitor needs to put in. If your landing page strays too far away from these points, there’s a good chance that there is too much clutter for maximum conversions.

Keeping in line with a clean user interface (UI), another way to minimize the input a visitor needs to make is to use the next tip.

Tip 2 – Avoid scrolling.

You should aim to have a landing page that doesn’t need any scrolling to convert. People can make their mind up on whether they want to convert in a matter of seconds. If that time is taken away by scrolling, you could be losing out. That’s if the visitor scrolled at all. People might not scroll, so if the key information is below the fold, they won’t get it.

On the first page of your landing page, you want a strong headline and a call to action (CTA) with a clear button that can be pressed to convert. If your visitors can learn what they need to and convert without scrolling, your landing page will be more successful.

What if your product or service is very complex and requires a more detailed explanation? You can still follow the advice above and put that information in. First, consider other forms of education other than reading. This could be images or video. If those don’t work, then put that information below the fold and indicate to the visitor that they can scroll down for more information.

If you do use scrolling, remember to repeat the CTA at the bottom so that the reader doesn’t need to scroll back up.

Tip 3 – Pick engaging visuals.

Having a visual element on your landing page is very important to keep your visitors engaged. These visuals should follow Tip 1, follow your brand identity and look good. This will break up the text, making it easier to read.

If what you are offering is not a physical product, find a way to represent it via one. For products like software, you can create a logo specifically for that product. If it’s a service, take an image of that service being performed.

Tip 4 – Use minimum text.

The text, or copy, on a landing page is incredibly important, but it can very quickly overwhelm visitors when it is too long. You want to provide convincing details about your brand while keeping your copy short. A rather delicate balancing game.

Write down the most important information that you need to convert and condense that as much as possible into a strong headline and supporting text. If you can turn the features you wrote down into the feeling your product services gives, even better.

Tip 5 – A/B test the design.

We have discussed different ways to test a landing page using tools and data, but that doesn’t compare two different pages directly to find the best version you have made.

What we think and how people act can sometimes be very different, so it always helps to make more than one version of your landing page. With A/B testing, you can test different versions at the same time and find out which ones convert best.

On average, landing pages convert at a rate of 9.7%. The pages that achieve that or get higher are very good options. Obviously, your goal should be above that.

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