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5 tricks you can use for better SEO

While search engine optimization (SEO) practises change all the time, there are still tricks that we can always apply for better SEO. If you are a business website owner, you cannot ignore the power of search engine leads. They are more plentiful and often more dedicated to the product you are offering.

Think about it, when was the last time you went to a company’s website to look at things you had no interest in? If your answer is never, we would not be surprised. When someone enters your website for the first time, they are a potential client. These are 5 tricks that you can use for better SEO that you can apply to any strategy for more potential clients.

Trick 1: A faster website will have faster results.

Ever since Google added website speed into its algorithm, website speed has been a much-needed value to compete for search engine results page (SERP) rankings. We have discussed how important website speed is on numerous occasions.

Sure, you can still rank with a website that takes more than two to four seconds to load, but you will never beat your competition that has a faster loading page, but it doesn’t stop at SEO. The potential clients that you are getting from your SEO ranking are more likely to give up on your website or not trust it if your website if they are waiting for more than five seconds.

Some helpful advice to increase your brand’s website is to remove the plugins you don’t need and compress any images.

Trick 2: Take the first step and link to other websites.

Link building can quickly become a very intimidating task to undertake, we know. That is why we recommend you take the first step. Linking to another website may seem bad because it will take readers off your page, but that is not the case. You are providing the best answer to your clients which will build brand trust, create a relationship with whom you are linking to and improve your SEO.

When you link to another website, you want to pick blogs with high authority that will offer value to the reader. When those blogs start to notice you and link your content, you will need a way to find their links to your company and know what to do with them.

Trick 3: Forget the search engines and write for people.

Who is going to read, buy and rate your products and services? It definitely is not Google. Even with SEO as a top marketing priority, your clients are still more important and their journey from website to sale should be your first focus. This is because SEO can only make more people find you, it can’t make them buy.

So, when it comes to the content on your website, focus on who will be reading it first and the search engines will follow. Google likes good content because it follows where real people go and stay, which means forgetting about Google will make Google like you more. It’s like playing hard to get with an artificial algorithm.

While making your content great for people to read, we recommend that you take a look at meta descriptions. This will be the first content that your potential clients will read about your company, so it is a valuable asset to attracting them. You should have a unique and eye-catching meta description about every page on your business website. If you are a WordPress user, there are some excellent plugins that can use to change the meta description on your pages.

Trick 4: Use keywords that you can compete with.

Keyword research is at the core of all SEO strategy, but there is no point in using relevant keywords that are too vague to compete with. This is where we look at using long-tail keywords over their short-tail counterpart. Long-tail keywords consist of three to four words and you should generally not use any more than that. These keywords will have less competition which means you will have an easier time ranking higher. In turn, this will mean more people will find your business online and search engine will reward that even more.

While looking at the keywords you are using, remember that images are a very important place to invest research time into. Google has a whole portion of its search engine just for them, so they will help you rank.

With voice search growing in popularity, it is important to keep it in mind going forward. While it should not be your biggest focus in 2020, more and more people are starting to ask Siri and Alexa for their search queries. So, we will need to start planning for conversational questions as searches.

Trick 5: Work with industry-related influencers.

There are not many other strategies that can drive as many conversions like an influencer marketing campaign can. Even knowing that; this is not something that many companies do. This is a really big missed opportunity, one that you can take advantage of.

When you find the right influencers for your brand and get them to make content related to your brand, you can drive their audience through to your website. This will bring a significant amount of people who are already highly committed to a purchase. Throwing in a discount code can help a lot too. This trick relies on the correct research into which influencers to contact and how they should tag you.

If you want more tricks for better SEO, try our article about 4 SEO mistakes that you should avoid.

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